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Mine is Quite Big Enough

The Legend of Bentley
3 January 1977
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College graduate who came home to put the pieces together, and just may have gotten stuck in the process.

"There's something about drug experiences, if you're going for anything remotely spiritual, that demands you take the good with the bad as the whole experience. Like when you mix the whiskey with coke or water and it loses its burn. The burn's there for a reason, dammit, it's trying to tell you something, trying to prepare you, to warn you, to welcome you. Getting drunk isn't supposed to be a gentle experience. It's stoking a fire, and that fire deserves recognition."

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Fan mail:

"I can tell you flat out why Bentley gets women. He has the confidence to say 'you've never had a black kiss? then get your fucking pants off!' The knight in shining armor is a turn on but most nice guys forget that a true knight has to stab something or someONE to BE a knight."

"The fact that there are men out there who take a vested interest in their children, go above and beyond the "call of duty", restores my faith in the image of fathers, an image that increasingly is portrayed as aloof, uncaring, and selfish by everything from media to my own personal experiences. My heart is caught in a vice grip of emotions of pride and disgust for all the crap you have to endure, Matt, and the way you endure it. What I think that people don't get about you is that behind the hedonistic, fun-loving adventurer is a man who feels deep love, giving his all when he can and sometimes when he can't. I see you as Love, and that's inspiring.
I think of you as a very sexual being, making no apologies for what you feel and how you want to experience things. I see you as a poet and a dirty old man all at once."

"There once was a bachelor named Bentley
Whose opinions were not given gently
If you somehow outdrink him
Don't try to outthink him
You might end up traumatized mentally."


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