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Carnivore - Mine is Quite Big Enough
August 9th, 2009
10:05 pm
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I currently cannot get an image out of my head.

I'm out at a county fair. Not in this state. Walking through the pig section, looking at the huge hogs. Clean looking, I suppose. Rooting through straw. And there was one pig, nice and pink, laying on its side, probably prize enough, as if I knew what a prize pig looked like.

And a trickle of blood coming from its ass.

Pigs, to me, look already butchered. They look done, even when they're walking around. Big pork chops. If I roasted one on a spit, I wouldn't being to know where to cut.

And yes, I just ate a few pork chops for dinner. Thing is, I'm not happy with them if they're not wrapped in plastic. Why... fuck. Why do we have these things?

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